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Elsevier Genomics Journal


The goal of Genomics is to promote the understanding of the structure, function, and evolution of genomes in all kingdoms of life and the application of genome sciences and technologies to challenging problems in biology and medicine. 

The scope of Genomics journal is broad and they welcome original, full-length, and timely papers in all of the following areas: 

1)  Comparative genomics analysis that yields valuable insights into conserved and divergent aspects of function, regulation, and evolution

2) Bioinformatics and computational biology with particular emphasis on data mining and improvements in data annotation and integration

3) Functional genomics approaches involving the use of large-scale and/or high-throughput methods to understand genome-scale function and regulation of transcriptomes and proteomes

4) Identification of genes involved in disease and complex traits, including responses to drugs and other xenobiotics

5) Significant advances in genetic and genomics technologies and their applications, including chemical genomics 

Editor-in-Chief (as of 2009)
J. Quackenbush

ISSN: 0888-7543